Contemporary portrait paintings - Vicki Sullivan -
Vicki Sullivan, “The Journey Begins,” oil on linen, 50cm x 40cm Dressed in this beautiful red coat, Aamani was dreaming of traveling to Paris. Every journey begins with a dream, thus the title . . . The Journey Begins.

Meet and view the portrait paintings of Vicki Sullivan, an Australian contemporary realist painter and this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador.

Vicki Sullivan is an Australian contemporary realist painter who lives on the Mornington Peninsula surrounded by the Southern Ocean on one side and Port Phillip Bay on the other. Vicki has been recognized as an Art Renewal Centre Associate Living Master, and her work has been exhibited in many exhibitions both in Australia and internationally.

Vicki has been invited to exhibit her work in the “Artelibre 20×20” exhibition at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019 and was selected for the “Painting Now” exhibition at the MEAM in March 2019. Her work was also selected for the “Women Painting Women, Men Painting Men, Visions of Venus” show at RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton New York, and the “I Observe” exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Gallery in New York City.

Her work recently won an Art Renewal Center Publication Award in Collections Magazine, China, and the artist’s works were featured in PoetsArtists, Artsy, and Artnet, and “The New Nude,” curated by Walt Morton, “Anything but Painting the Figure,” curated by Lorena Kloosterboer, “Adorn Me,” curated by Carol Hodes, and “Figurative Realism,” curated by Dirk Dzimirsky.

Vicki’s drawing has been selected for publication in Strokes of Genius Book 10, by Northlight Books in the USA. Vicki was recently chosen to paint the portrait of Graham Goldsmith, Chancellor of Swinburne University, Melbourne, for the university collection.
Vicki’s work has won awards in Australia, the USA, and the UK.

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Additional Oil Portrait Paintings:

Contemporary oil portraits - Vicki Sullivan -
Vicki Sullivan, “Wild One,” oil on linen, 45cm x 35cm

“I have painted Frehza as the wild one because she has a sort of wild child energy, and her stunning beauty and effervescent attitude lights up a room. I really enjoyed going a little wild with the lighting and colour in this piece.”

Contemporary oil portrait painting - Vicki Sullivan -
Vicki Sullivan, “When I Dream of Magnolias,” oil on linen, 76cm x 60cm

“I painted Ashley surrounded by magnolias, and I wasn’t sure why — maybe because I love them? When Ash saw the painting, she couldn’t believe it, as she has a strong connection to them and even grew up on Magnolia Street. We both got goosebumps.”

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