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#1 > Figurative art by Nikolai Blokhin, a featured faculty member at the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (November 10-13, 2019)

On Creating Figurative Art > “If you paint a human figure in the right way, you can paint anything,” says Nikolai Blokhin. “To draw hands is almost as difficult as to draw a face. When in a museum I see a picture where hands are thoroughly painted it literally mesmerizes me.”

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#2 Drawings of hands by Nikolai Blokhin
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#3 Figurative art by Nikolai Blokhin
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#4 Figurative painting by Nikolai Blokhin

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#5 Narrative figure painting by Nikolai Blokhin
Narrative painting by Nikolai Blokhin -
#6 Narrative painting by Nikolai Blokhin
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#7 Portrait painting by Nikolai Blokhin
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#8 Portrait drawing by Nikolai Blokhin

About Nikolai Blokhin
Only three years after graduating from the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and finishing his postgraduate studies, Nikolai began his own teaching career, including time as a professor of drawing at the Repin Academy. His paintings are part of numerous international museum and private collections. Nikolai has been the recipient of many awards, including a gold medal from the Russian Academy of Arts, the grand prize in the 2002 International Portrait Competition of the American Society of Portrait Artists at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and best of show in the 2004 International Portrait Competition of the Portrait Society of America.

In his first appearance in the US since 2014, Nikolai Blokhin will also be on the faculty of the upcoming Figurative Art Convention & Expo in Williamsburg, Virginia, November 10–13, 2019.

What is the Figurative Art Convention & Expo?

A New Renaissance. For the past 100 years, modern art has dominated the art scene. Because of this, 600-year-old painting techniques that had been passed along from generation to generation were almost lost. Artists around the world have rediscovered these old techniques and are applying them to fresh, new contemporary paintings. There is a movement of artists who consider traditional painting the new modern art. FACE is at the center of that movement.

FACE is for contemporary artists who are passionate about realism, driven to create masterpieces, and who wish to refine their skills. Study for five days under the greatest artists and art professionals alive today to explode your painting ability and gain deeper insights into the painting world. See dozens of approaches and styles. Hear the philosophy and language of painting. Meet the greatest artists alive today, and watch them paint and draw. Refine YOUR craft while interacting with others in your tribe.

Figurative Art Convention & Expo