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Narrative paintings - Steven Assael - RealismToday.com

The Narrative Paintings of Steven Assael

Using pencil, ink, charcoal, or crayon on paper, Assael could easily draw any sitter into classicized perfection, but he has more interesting plans.
Art studio advice for artists

What To Do With the Contents of Your Art Studio Before You Kick the...

"What should be done with my artwork before and after I kick the bucket?" Here are a few considerations.
Contemporary realism painting of a woman in a cab

Artist Aleksander Betko: Moving Through Disparate Worlds

“My work resonates with people who are attracted to the authentic and uncompromising energy of New York City — people who aspire to belong.”

Artist Spotlight on a “Neo-Renaissance” Painter

Nik Anikis embraces the moniker “neo-Renaissance painter,” meaning he takes Old Master methods and materials and applies them to ...
Realistic Portraits - Vicki Sullivan, "Walk on the Wild Side," 2022, oil on linen, 93 x 79 cm

Painting of the Week: “Walk on the Wild Side”

Featured in "Painting Realistic Portraits," here Vicki Sullivan explains her Dutch-inspired contemporary narrative.

Adrian Gottlieb: My Figure Painting Process for “Duality”

Adrian Gottlieb shares a 10-step sequence for his superb figure painting "Duality," as seen in Fine Art Connoisseur.
realist portraits - Grace Athena Flott, "Let it Shine (Portrait of Kari)," 2022, oil on aluminum panel, 26 x 26 in

Painting of the Week: Let It Shine

Remixing medieval and Renaissance iconography motifs to highlight contemporary body politics, Grace Athena Flott presents realist portraits of her underrepresented community alongside abstract works depicting patterns printed directly from scarred skin.
From C.W. Mundy's "3-D realism" painting demonstration

“3-D Realism” and More From Day 2 of Realism Live 2023

Highlights from Day 2 of Realism Live, taking place now through Saturday, November 11 with painting demonstrations and more!
Contemporary realism still life - Julie Beck, "Ashes and Embers," 2018, oil on canvas panel, 20 x 12 in., private collection

Contemporary Realism Painting of the Week: Ashes and Embers

Although Beck depicts multiple subjects — portraits, figures, animals, and still lifes — her approach to painting still lifes is unique.
Guillermo Lorca painting "The Man of the Cats," 2016; photo: Jaime Arrau

Guillermo Lorca’s Painted Operas

An interview with contemporary realism artist Guillermo Lorca on his time with Odd Nerdrum, his murals, and more.

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