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Realism Live - "Jewel" (oil on canvas) by Vincent Xeus

Jewel: The Creative Process of Vincent Xeus

"'Jewel' allows the audience to look into my creative process and feel the movements in the painting as if the painting were evolving live," Vincent said. "Perhaps intuition from childhood calligraphy is also apparent in the brush strokes here."
Contemporary realism figurative art

Figurative Art by Luke Hillestad: Waterborne

Classical figurative painter Luke Hillestad shares the insights from his collection, "Waterborne," inspired by the sacredness of the birth of his child and the element of water.
How to paint a still life commission

Eric Wert On Painting a Realistic Still Life Commission

How a still life commission led to a gratifying collaboration between artist and collector.
Figurative Art - narrative oil painting

Exploring Bodily Beauty Through Figurative Art

Working within the classical western tradition of figurative art, this artist's goal has been to explore and portray women's bodies and gestures from a 21st century point of view.
Plein Air Salon - Ming Luke painting of a cat

Painting of the Week: “My Friend’s Cat”

Congratulations to Ming Luke, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.
Contemporary realism portrait - Nancy Boren artist

Moody, Mysterious Realism

Learn about the work of Nancy Boren, whose strength lies in depicting ethereal moments in nature with ...
Art inspiration - narrative art figurative painting

Journey Into the Heart: Art Inspiration

How can you finally "arrive" at your destination of being a real artist? Here are some steps you should take.
Contemporary realism - painting of an artist's taboret

Palimpsests: Zoey Frank on the Process of Painting

Explore the painting process of contemporary artist Zoey Frank: "For years, artist friends have been teasing me about ..."
Contemporary Realism Artist Stephanie Deshpande

The Search for Academic Training

How contemporary realism is not something new, but a long-standing, timeless notion.
Painting from Life - Gregory Mortenson

Painting From Life on a Budget

The hourly wage of an art model can add up; In this article Gregory Mortenson describes some of his paintings and a few techniques he employs to get the best value.

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