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Contemporary Realism Artist Stephanie Deshpande

The Search for Academic Training

How contemporary realism is not something new, but a long-standing, timeless notion.
Painting from Life - Gregory Mortenson

Painting From Life on a Budget

The hourly wage of an art model can add up; In this article Gregory Mortenson describes some of his paintings and a few techniques he employs to get the best value.

Growing Up in an Art School

An artist shares the experience of having an artist and teacher as his father, leading him to begin teaching at the very young age of ...
Artists respond to 2020 - portrait of a woman in hospital

History Recorded: How Artists Respond to “2020”

Throughout the pandemic, our surroundings, family, and often-viewed objects became subjects and, consequently, immortalized.
Narrative oil paintings

Solo Exhibitions: No Pain, No Gain

A dedicated artist shares what goes into a solo exhibition, including the work, the payoff, and the necessary evils.

On Managing An Art Career

Joseph Lorusso shares his philosophy, painting process, and insights on living as a professional artist; what will be your biggest takeaway from his advice?
What is contemporary realism - Juliette Aristides

What is Contemporary Realism in Art?

How do you define contemporary realism?
Contemporary realism figurative art

Artists and Collectors: Finding Common Ground

What artists want to paint and what collectors wish to buy do not always look the same.
Contemporary realism - Detail of "Planetary"

From “Breakdown” to “Breakthrough”

Kristy Gordon takes us up close and personal in the process and purpose of her narrative painting, "Planetary."
Realism Today

How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art

How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art > Discover advice on creating a successful composition, color rules you should break, and more. Accelerate your art by studying from the finest artists in the...

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