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contemporary realism portrait paintings

Extremely Motivated: Representational Artist Melissa Cooper

Studying illustration led Melissa Cooper to discover her real love: painting and drawing in the realist tradition. "I can be a little bit of a perfectionist," she says, "so the academic and traditional style of painting really resonates with me."
How to draw - Nikolai Blokhin - RealismToday.com

8 Figurative Artworks by a Russian Master

“If you paint a human figure in the right way, you can paint anything,” says Russian master painter Nikolai Blokhin.
Contemporary realism art - Jonathan Hodges - Katrina

How I Created a Multi-Figure Painting Inspired by Hurricane Katrina

"I believe art has the power to move people and that the most effective, beautiful, and truthful way to do that is through realism."
O’Neil Scott, “The Line,” 2018, oil on panel, 16 x 18 in.

How My Oil Painting Provided Healthcare for 250 Children

Contemporary realist painter O’Neil Scott was born in Jamaica and currently works in Pennsylvania. He took the time to share with us his path to oil painting, his challenges and techniques, and how he uses art to “leave the world a little better place.”
Contemporary realism - RealismToday.com

Breaking Taboos

"I explore societal taboos and disorder, and through my artistic practice I hope to be able to deal with the damage of my past and provide my own children with a world of wonder and nurture." Be inspired by the works of Claudia Kaak.
Figurative Art - RealismToday.com

Secrets and Private Thoughts

Terry Miura shares his process for painting evocative and mysterious figures: "The process I follow in creating my figurative works varies from piece to piece, but they start similarly..."

Eric Wert: Inspired by Dutch Still Life

Go behind the scenes of how Eric Wert creates masterful Dutch-inspired still life paintings of subjects that are common, yet "unknowable."
Contemporary realism paintings

High Kitsch?

The confusion around the word “kitsch” is common because its usage has been largely isolated to low-skilled productions, but it doesn't have to be associated with something negative. Luke Hillestad explains.
Painting still life art

Bringing a Deeper Meaning to Still Life Art

"Finding a clever connection between objects and observations can be exciting but it’s important to avoid the pitfall of letting the message overwhelm the mechanics." Katharine Krieg explains why the constant underlying job of any painter is to make a structurally sound painting with building blocks like balance, value, and good drawing.
Inspiration for artists - painting portraits

7 Lessons on Individual Expression

Portrait painter Stanka Kordic on exploring the path of most resistance, and the lessons she has learned along the way.

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