Manu Saluja in her studio in New York with her latest works behind her

What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why?
Manu Saluja: While I have always been compelled to paint the figure and have an endless fascination with the human condition, I believe it is an individual’s unique lens that can transform the most ordinary thing into a masterful work. Choices of shape, line, value, color, brushwork, etc., to share that certain special way that one sees the world. So, I find that the painting I am working on in the studio now is the most interesting to me. My work shares the narratives of women I’ve met in my life, and my own personal experiences. My daughters have been my subjects through the years – posing for me as archetypes of themes I wish to explore around identity, femininity, and family.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Manu Saluja: There is never a boring day. There is always more to bite into – the level of knowledge and skill required, the artistry of composition, the study of artists past and present is a life long journey. The blank canvas offers endless possibilities to express anything I wish – it is my journal, my meditation, and my intellect. Then when the introspection and quiet solitude yields paintings, I have the great privilege of sharing my work with people.

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woman with long, black, curly hair, facing away from viewer. background is various cool colors with brown on left side
The Dust of Everyday Life, Manu Saluja, Oil on Canvas, 28 x 36 in., 2023
two girls braiding hair, ends of hair is intertwined. flower background
Unraveling, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 26 in., 2023