Nicholas Coleman,
Nicholas Coleman, "Dusk on the Lower Salt River," oil, 36 x 72 in.

Congratulations to Nicholas Coleman, whose western painting, “Dusk on the Lower Salt River,” recently won the Spirit of the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale Award.

The Buffalo Bill Art Show / Rendezvous Royale takes place September 18-23, 2023.

Nicholas’ talent is off the charts. And it is fueled by a genuine passion for telling a story that is slipping away over time. Often his paintings have a common narrative of struggle, fortitude, and resiliency through characters and setting. His paintings are a way to preserve the fading heritage of the American West.

Sometimes just losing yourself in one of his paintings allows you to flirt with the fantasy of trading your modern life for a simpler time, out in the open, often by a fire. No distractions from technology. Just the calm evening, the fire, and your thoughts.

This is true magic. In “Storypainting: Creating Emotion with Your Brush,” Nicholas takes you into each brushstroke and you see — for the first time — HOW he creates this incredible effect.

Preview “Storypainting: Creating Emotion with Your Brush” here:

“I totally enjoyed the lessons in StoryPainting. I learned a great deal and am excited to put this new knowledge into practice. Thank you.” ~ Jocelyn Duchek