"Serious Business at Cadboro Bay" (oil, 16 x 20 in.) by Renee Brettler, won the "Best Figure and Portrait" category for the May 2021 Plein Air Salon

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On Painting “Serious Business at Cadboro Bay”


“Serious Business at Cadboro Bay” was inspired by my granddaughter Lilah Joan. The image itself is testament to a childhood spent immersed in the natural beauty of Victoria, British Columbia.

I love this moment! It so captures her intense concentration on the task at hand; surrounded by the beauty of the landscape around her.

For me, this piece is all about contrast.

I have always been fascinated by the use of Chiaroscuro: using a strong single light source to create depth and mood. Here, the light source is sunlight and the shadows cast by the main figure help create the drama. The deep blues of the water and sky and the bright orange of her bathing suit add yet another element of contrast. These complimentary colors help make the figure pop. A variety of textures and details add another element of contrast and visual interest.

I was very pleased to win “Best Portrait/Figure” in the PleinAir Salon. Winning an art competition is an achievement! It means my art will be seen and appreciated by more people.

I would definitely encourage other artists to enter competitions. They provide a wonderful opportunity to further develop your art career. Entering a competition can lead to more exposure and to possible exhibitions and/or publications … as well as boost your confidence.

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