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graphite drawing of an old house

Graphite Drawing as a Necessity

“I was completely broke when I got out of school. Then I had a baby and I couldn’t afford ..."
How to draw realistic portraits

A Step by Step Portrait Drawing with Vine Charcoal: “Juan”

Oliver Sin, who has had two portraits featured on the cover of Time Magazine and who has worked for George Lucas, takes us through his portrait drawing process of a model named Juan.
Realism drawings - Plein Air Salon

5 Fabulous Drawings For Your Inspiration

With this round-up of winners from the Drawing category, you'll find inspiration and see what some of your peers in are doing these days.
facial drawings

The Art of Anatomy: 16 Anatomical Drawings and Engravings

For centuries, artists and scientists have been fascinated by the structures of the human body ...
How to draw - Milno figurative art Plein Air Salon winner

Curiosity and Kaizen: Graphite Drawings by Milno

Achieving a soft look in Milno's graphite drawings involves "commitment, lots of experimentation, and yes ... the use of unusual tools and materials."

Vine Charcoal Drawings by Oliver Sin

"Portraiture, which I constantly practice as an art professor and as a hobby, is my favorite form of expression," says Oliver Sin. View some of his award-winning drawings, including a "Time Magazine" cover portrait, here.
Detail of a life drawing by Emil Robinson (full image shown below)

Empathy and Emphasis: Thoughts on Life Drawing

Too many artists are caught in drawing from life as a one-way street towards surface description. Here's a look at the complexity of life drawing.
Cityscapes drawing exercise

15-Minute Sketch: Drawing Cars in Cityscapes

Get out your sketchbook and favorite drawing utensil for this montage of vehicles.
Realism Today

Drawings Done in Realism Style of Art

Browse a variety of realism drawings in the following free articles from artists who have mastered the practice of creating figurative art. Accelerate your art by studying from the finest artists in the world. Realism...
Contemporary artists and drawings - Joel Daniel Phillips - RealismToday.com

Drawing as a Way of Seeing

"My creative process is inherently about labor, and against the modern backdrop of instant, image-driven gratification, I have found the physical process involved in the painstaking, craft-driven rendering of a subject or a moment to be ever more important."

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