Artist Ryan S. Brown
Artist Ryan S. Brown

Listen to a recent episode of The Unvarnished Podcast with Ryan S. Brown, featuring CEO, publisher, and artist Eric Rhoads. In it, they discuss the challenges of being an artist and doing what you love, and much more.

Ryan Brown will be joining us at the 10th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo in Denver, Colorado, May 21-25, 2023. It features more than 80 expert teachers across four stages – don’t miss it!

And, in “Painting Classic Portraits,” you’ll learn the “secret” skin tone formula and how Ryan discovered it by accident — it happens to be the same formula classical masters used centuries ago, but had been forgotten over time.

About the Artist: Ryan S. Brown is an American painter in the naturalist tradition. After graduating BYU, Ryan went on to study classical painting in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art, where upon graduation he won the Painting of the Year and Presidents awards. Returning to Utah after his studies in 2008, Ryan opened the Masters Academy of Art in Springville where he passes on the methods and practices within the tradition of classical painting.

Ryan’s work contains the time-honored qualities of craftsmanship in drawing, color, and composition that, although true to the tradition and heritage of painting that pays homage to past masters, have a uniquely contemporary feel. His works reach past culture, race, or religion to connect on a human level with viewers. Often painting the commonplace or the familiar, he allows us to see our world from a new perspective and gain insights into moments often overlooked. He reminds us to stop and see, to think, to dream, and to embrace.

These human moments provide us with something that, in today’s world of instant gratification and social media, are all the more important. His works remind us of our connection as human beings. They demand contemplation and consideration that moves us far beyond the pleasing images. His works are in public and private collections all over Europe, North America, and Australia.