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Contemporary watercolor Watercolor portrait by Shelley Prior

Watercolor Artist of the Week: Be Inspired by Shelley Prior

Like marriage, Shelley says, watercolor isn't without its challenges, including that of control.
Painting with watercolor

Painting with Watercolor: Not an Effortless Endeavor

An interview on using photo references, understanding one's art materials, color mixing, and more.
1-Michael Holter's final painting

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live

Throughout the week of Watercolor Live, we continued the learning streak with even more of today's masters. Here are some of the highlights you may have missed!
Kathleen Giles, "The Bird Lady," transparent watercolor on paper, 11 x 15 in.

3-Minute Watercolor Portrait

In this mesmerizing high-speed recording, Kathleen Giles demonstrates how she paints a realistic portrait using watercolor.
Watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet

A New Vision for Watercolor

Listen to a fascinating podcast with the world-famous Alvaro Castagnet, who discusses painting with watercolor and so much more.
How to blend watercolor

Blending With Watercolor

In this free watercolor lesson, Richie Vios shares the essential but underrated skills of creating the perfect consistency of water and pigments.
How to paint with watercolor - free lesson with Stewart White

Avoid Mistakes with These Simple Watercolor Techniques

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads as he interviews American impressionist painter Stewart White for this free demonstration!
Birgit O'Connor, "Peony," watercolor, 22 x 15 in.

Putting the Water Back Into Watercolor

Birgit O'Connor (on the faculty for Watercolor Live) shares the most common mistake she sees beginners make, the first thing they should invest in, and more.
Figure drawing in blue

Shades of Blue: Drawings, Watercolors, and Works on Paper

“Shades of Blue” is revival of a drawing show, titled (appropriately enough) “Blue Drawings” which was first exhibited at Portraits, Inc. in June 2015 at their New York City gallery. Curated by Michael Gormley...
Contemporary realism still life painting - Matthew Bird - RealismToday.com

Magnolia Still Life: A Realistic Watercolor Step-by-Step

See how a painting that includes leaves, crystal, and some unexpected challenges comes to fruition, step by step.

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