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Contemporary realism watercolor painting

Watercolor Still Life: Why I Paint Withered Sunflowers

Inspired by a symbolic circle of life, Soon Y. Warren shares why and how she paints sunflowers using watercolor. Bonus: View her realistic still lifes that show a mastery of painting crystal.
On masking for watercolor painting

How-To: Masking Watercolor with Drafting Tape

While drafting tape looks, at first glance, to be a lot like masking tape, there are some fundamental differences you should be aware of. Read on to see more from Laurin McCracken on this common watercolor painting technique.
Contemporary watercolor artist Mario Robinson - RealismToday.com

Watercolor Artist Mario Robinson: The Winds of Change

“My commitment to the plight of working-class people is undeniable,” says Robinson, “and the hundreds of images I’ve created speak to my undying devotion.”
Contemporary realism still life painting - Matthew Bird - RealismToday.com

Magnolia Still Life: A Realistic Watercolor Step-by-Step

See how a painting that includes leaves, crystal, and some unexpected challenges comes to fruition, step by step.
gifts for artists pencil case handmade plein air kit PegAndAwl

2020 Wish List! 21 Holiday Gifts for Artists

From unique to practical, fun to functional, you'll find new gift ideas for artists in this roundup. Shop for a friend, or for yourself - we don't judge!
Watercolor Live - Learn More

The Art Life: My Expensive Cab Ride

How Eric Rhoads realized he needed a travel alternative to oils, and why now is the time to try the medium that makes it easier to paint anywhere.
Realism Live painting portraits for beginners Victoria Herrara

Master Artists Gather to Teach for Realism Live

Enjoy a recap of the world's first global virtual art conference, with these special moments, painting and drawing tips from the masters, Cocktail Hour Paint Along highlights, and more.
Painting with egg tempera

Egg Tempera: Mixing Past and Future

The expression “Greatness is in Simplicity” could not be better suited for this organic and valuable technique. At its base are natural ingredients such as...
PleinAir Salon - RealismToday.com

Still Life Spotlight: From the Hearth

Art Competitions > Congratulations to Barbara S. Groff, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.
Ballpoint pen figure drawings - RealismToday.com

Why I Use a Ballpoint Pen For My Figure Drawings

Geoff Flack, director of the Core Drawing Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art, takes us behind the scenes of his art, including why - and how - he "disrupts reality" in his figure drawings.

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