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Conor Walton discusses three of his narrative paintings. He says, "All my paintings are attempted answers to the three questions in the title of Gauguin’s famous painting: ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’"
Nathan Ives, director of “Somewhere in the Middle,” takes us behind the scenes of his new movie, which raises the question about what it means to be a “successful” artist.
Inspired by 19th century art, this artist loves to create representational paintings that include traditional symbols.
Drawing in ballpoint pen is the same as working with watercolors. See how in this step-by-step portrait drawing demonstration.
Charcoal is a drawing medium that allows you to, in essence, deal with the extremes of creation, of a most ancient and elemental contrast.
In this guest blog post, Carolyn Anderson takes us behind the scenes and answers a common question: What's on your palette? Also learn what type of brush she uses almost exclusively, and the surfaces she recommends.
Take a journey with Lorena Kloosterboer, who takes you through her creative process, from the inception to the completion of a still life painting.
Consider these points when someone wants you to paint a loved one who has passed, and learn how to make the most of your resources.
“Knowing the person you paint changes the way you paint them.” Watercolor artist Karisa Keasey explains how she adjusts composition, color, foreground, and background to go beyond stereotypes and show a more complete picture of one’s story.
From guilt, exhaustion, and anxiety, to peace and balance, Ann Kraft Walker shares her personal journey: "Just as it takes discipline to show up at the easel and put in hours of focused work, it also takes discipline to ..."

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