Portrait painting of a young woman with cat
"My Precious," oil on canvas, 24 x 30 in., by Sybiline

At the 2020 Realism Live virtual art conference, Publisher Eric Rhoads and Fine Art Connoisseur Editor-in-Chief Peter Trippi announced the finalists and top winners of the Artist and Selfie Painting Competition, which featured $44,000 in cash and awards.

A contemporary artist who simply goes by the name Sybiline was among the winning artists, with her painting “My Precious,” which earned the People’s Choice Award. Sybiline is a Canadian artist based in Drummondville, Quebec. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in visual art, she continued her research, self-taught, on traditional techniques of ancient painting.

Fascinated by the art of the portrait, she rapidly explored the depths of human identity. She drew inspiration from the morphology, thoughts and emotions that she transmits through a refined feminine energy. At the heart of her work, she calls upon the world of dreams as well as the mythological, imaginary and symbolic worlds. She considers painting to be an invaluable way of establishing silent and confidential contacts with her audience. She longs to deliver, for a moment at least, mirrors of ourselves.

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On Painting the Self-Portrait “My Precious”


This painting is not just a self-portrait. I am physically represented of course, but it also aims to be a representation of my values, my feelings and my creative universe.

It is very difficult to talk about ourselves. As an artist, I think that some introspection is necessary. I think a portrait, whether it is ours or someone else’s, is never complete without incorporating a reflection of our inner life. For my part, it is by asking myself certain questions that I managed to make this painting. For example: What are my favorite colors, what makes me dream the most, was I born at the right period, with whom do I share my thoughts, or on what subject am I uncompromising.

I think that a portrait must open the window of the heart. When I work on portraits, I often make correlations between the physical aspect and the spiritual complexity of the human being. Each of the traits corresponds to his or her personal landscape.

On this painting, I think my strength is in gentleness and patience. I would like these values ​​to better inhabit our world. Since I love animals and one of my cats is constantly glued to me (even when I paint!), I consider him to share my world. So it was only normal that he shared my painting. I wish there was more tenderness for animals in general. They are our equals.

In regards to the technical side of the work, it is oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches. I work in several superimposed layers that I let dry before returning to work. The more I go, the more I work transparently and the more details I add.

I am much honored to have won the People’s Choice Award. I entered the competition because I believe this work has a unique message within it. Then I told myself, like all the participants, that I would give my painting the chance to be seen and to touch people. Even if it didn’t win any prizes, it would already be a winner.

As an artist, I know that failures are common so we should not be afraid. I also know that on occasion, it is also our turn to reap the rewards of our labor. If I had one piece of advice to give, it would be this: If you think your artwork meets all of your personal artistic criteria, give it a go!

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Portrait painting of a man
Sybiline, “Mindfulness,” oil on canvas
Portrait of a young woman with cat
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Portrait of a young woman
Sybiline, “Peaceful Child,” oil on panel

“My Precious” is available at 33 Contemporary.

Sybiline focuses mainly on her personal works and exhibits in several galleries. Her paintings have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Portugal, Denver, San Antonio, Reading, San Diego, Boston, Ivoryton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, San Jose and Edmonton. Website | Instagram

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