Figurative contemporary realism ~ by Daniel Sprick
Figurative contemporary realism ~ by Daniel Sprick

Watch a documentary on realist painter Daniel Sprick. Bonus: Listen to Daniel’s interview with Eric Rhoads about art techniques and more.

Daniel Sprick has been on the faculty of the Figurative Art Convention & Expo.

Watch “Daniel Sprick: Pursuit of Truth and Beauty” here:


Listen to Daniel Sprick’s interview on the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads here:


“There’s just no substitute for something done by hand,” says Sprick in the PleinAir Podcast. “Whether it’s material crafting, playing a musical instrument or painting a picture. It’s just fundamentally satisfying for humans.”

He shares the following:
• The importance of drawing basics, such as practicing spheres with primary light, shadows, etc. “It’s endlessly important for understanding how to generate a strong illusion of light falling on an object.”
• A behind-the-scenes story about a PBS documentary on Sprick, who was inspired by anatomical drawings of horses. Hear the unlikely thing he did when he came across a deceased horse himself one day.
• The painting principles that he plans to share at the upcoming Plein Air Convention
• His surprising advice for new artists who want to dive into plein air painting

Connect with the artist:
Website | Instagram

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