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ARC Living Master and FACE faculty member Joshua LaRock paints a model during his “Classical Portraits” workshop.

Watch: Expert Portrait Drawing Tip > In this four-minute video, artist Joshua LaRock shares some of his advice for drawing portraits with a model.

The exquisite paintings of Joshua LaRock are an ode to the past, filtered through a contemporary life. His portraits and narrative pieces alike are memorable for both their emotive quality and for evoking an eerily present feeling.

Inspired by Bouguereau and other masters of the past, he imbues a shade of the timeless, drawing the viewer deeper into his personal interpretation of how the world ought to be. He is dedicated to painting that invites humanity into the timeless story of beauty.

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The Powerful Secrets of a Living Master

When you multiply your newfound skills, you can move the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran painter, an overwhelmed or confused hobbyist, or a budding rookie eager to devour every tip and technique.

The quickest way to transform your painting ability is to master the delicate art of portraiture. These skills will apply to all of your work, even if you do landscapes or still life.

But true, classical portraiture is not taught in art schools. The “average Jane or Joe” going to most college art programs cannot paint like this even after four years of study … and that’s a crying shame.

And though you SHOULD go to the atelier (studio school) of a master, you may not have the time or the money. So a great alternative is to study under a master on your own timeline and in your own home or studio.

We’re not talking a quick highlights video or something you would see on YouTube. We’re talking about the entire process, from the initial drawing through every layer of paint, including the very delicate passages that result in amazing features and a feel that very few portrait painters on earth achieve.

Look, any decent instructor can show you how to create a competent painting…

But to paint well — the subtle color, delicate skin tones, emotional gestures, sparkling eyes, and a true likeness of the human spirit — you need the inside secrets you won’t ever discover casually on your own.

These advanced secrets won’t just appear to you magically because you have an easel and paint in front of you. Inspiration and passion are simply not enough.

You need a guide who has toiled for tens of thousands of hours, who has studied and worked with some of the greatest masters, who has taken his or her work to an even higher level through experimentation and deep experience. And you need a guide who has won major prizes, been on exhibit in the world’s top museums, and who is truly designated a living master.

Joshua LaRock is that guide.

Josh takes you by the hand and leads you past the frustrations found in painting and the pain of not knowing how to reach all-new heights.

He takes you directly to the type of painting you can be proud of, the type of painting that draws attention, helps you win awards, helps you gain major commissions, and helps you be sought after by world-class galleries.

He takes you directly to the personal satisfaction that will bring you to tears because you’ll be overcoming the frustrations of the past.

Joshua is recognized as an Art Renewal Center Living Master and has ben on the faculty for the virtual art conference, Realism Live.

Learn more from Joshua in his instructional video workshop, “Classical Portraits,” at StreamlineArtVideo.com/LaRock.