Contemporary realism figurative art
Sharon Sprung, "Emergence," Oil on Panel, 36 x 40 in.

Figurative Art by Sharon Sprung, who is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Realism Live virtual art conference, November 11-13, 2021 (with a Beginner’s Day on November 10). Visit today to register for this unforgettable event!

“My paintings are a transparent, fluid experience of the subject’s world,” says Sharon Sprung. “I hope for a suspension of disbelief, for the viewer to travel into the painting and identify with the universal emotions portrayed.

“For me, the line between realism and abstraction is blurred. In a realistic work there is an automatic connection and identification with the visual, the familiar, the concretely recognizable – a world and a visual vocabulary shared, to some extent, by almost everyone.

“In abstraction – this identification is less formal. The abstract contains a sense of identified feeling, but it tends to be broader, more visceral and especially, more diffuse. It achieves this effect using shape, form, color, texture. I seek a dialog between the two, to explore and provoke a more cohesive emotional experience.

“The painting ‘Emergence’ (featured above) is an emotional response to the beginning of a young man’s life. After meeting him, I wanted to paint his story. He had moved to New York from the South, and is now in Los Angeles, all in the pursuit of his musical career – Carpe Diem.”

Study with Sharon Sprung in person at Realism Live, November 2021!

Additional Figurative Art Paintings by Sharon Sprung

Figurative art oil paintings
Sharon Sprung, “”Mind Garden,” Oil on Panel, 46 x 46 in.
Figurative art oil paintings
Sharon Sprung, “Passionate Jungle,” Oil on Panel, 36 x 36 in.
Figurative art oil paintings
Sharon Sprung, “Nature/Nurture,” Oil on Panel, 36 x 36 in.

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