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We hope you will have the opportunity to congratulate these scholarship winners in Virginia this November.

Talented artists of various ages are on their way to the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) in Virginia this November. See who…

One of the most fulfilling things to come out of planning the 2019 edition of the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) has been the awarding of scholarships for six artists: three educators, two students, and one senior. We are truly grateful and honored that four generous friends of FACE — Marion and George Howard, Casey Baugh, and Donna Cordova — have underwritten these scholarships in recognition of how FACE carries the torch of realism onward to future generations.

We are thrilled to announce that the scholarship winners for the next edition of FACE — to be held November 10–13, 2019 in Williamsburg, Virginia — are:

Figurative art scholarship for artists
James Andrews – Washington

Born and raised on Long Island, James Andrews settled in Washington State 20 years ago and became a working artist and public high school arts instructor. He is an avid supporter of the atelier movement and of making traditional art skills instruction the standard in our public schools.

Figurative art scholarship for artists
Julie Beck – Massachusetts

Julie Beck is the Assistant Director/Instructor at the Academy of Realist Art, Boston. She creates paintings that explore nostalgia, relationships, and identity through a wide range of subjects including still life, animals, and figures.

FACE scholarship for artists
Brent Woodard – West Virginia

Brent Woodard is an Adjunct Professor of Art at the West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Beckley, West Virginia, as well as a Professor of Art at the University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia. He is the founder of The Rock Cries Out Studios and a co-partner of Doman-Woodard Enterprises, of which The Rock Cries Out Studios is a subsidiary.

Student Winners:

FACE scholarship for artists
Brooke Hunter – Laguna College of Art & Design, Laguna Beach, California

Brooke Hunter is an artist originally from the Midwest. She is currently in her senior year at the Laguna College of Art and Design.

FACE scholarship for artists
I-Chen (“Jenny”) Lu – Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California

Born and raised in Taiwan, I-Chen (“Jenny”) Lu expects to earn her B.F.A. from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University in 2020. She believes art is a powerful way to visualize creativity, and she seeks to communicate her imagination and sense of humor through her artworks.

Senior Winner:

FACE scholarship for artists
Sandra Harris – Montana

Raised in rural Iowa, Sandra Harris developed a passion for painting portraits as a child, then followed her heart West to study and paint the beautiful people and lands of Colorado and Montana. Her work is in many permanent collections, including the National Park Service, and is still evolving as she continues to explore fresh expressions to celebrate the human spirit in art.

The scholarships provide the following:

Full registration for the convention
Accommodations for three nights at the Williamsburg Lodge
$300 per diem to be used toward travel or meals

This is an extraordinarily gifted group. We congratulate them warmly on their success, and we look forward to meeting them in Virginia this fall. Inspiration and exposure to the right instructors and philosophy will change their lives. Moreover, it is critically important for us to be developing such talents so that representational art endures.

We hope you will have the opportunity to congratulate these scholarship winners in Virginia this November. To register for FACE yourself, please visit

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