Figure drawing by Daniel Maidman -
Figure drawing by Daniel Maidman, faculty member of the 2019 Figurative Art Convention & Expo

On figurative art > This November, you can study under the world’s top master artists and change your painting skills forever.

Imagine this.

The finest figurative and portrait artists from around the globe all come together in one place.

Now imagine yourself being there with them…

  • watching them draw
  • seeing how they paint
  • hearing them speak about their art
  • listening to them talk about art history
  • engaging in meaningful conversations as they offer you valuable feedback

And by *being* there at an event such as this, we mean LITERALLY being there!

YOU as a full participant, right along with all of these top masters of the world!

Not to just listen to lectures and watch world-class artists paint from the stage . . .

Not to sit for long periods of time and frantically take volumes of notes you may never look at later . . .

This is YOU attending as an ACTIVE participant among a group of people who, just like you, are passionate about painting figures and portraits.

And, everyone there has something wonderful in common! A desire to accelerate their own painting skills and to play a bigger role in the thriving realism movement.

Imagine meeting the people you’ve seen on social media and read about on websites and in magazines — the icons of art.

These are people who have NEVER BEFORE BEEN TOGETHER in one place.

This isn’t just a dream . . . this is real, and it’s only happened twice in history. And it’s about to happen one more time, this November.

Don’t Plan on Yawning

We know what you’re thinking . . . four days of BORING lectures and theory, BORING presentations, and yawn-inducing content.


The Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) is a completely immersive experience in an upbeat, fun environment. Because learning should be fun, not boring.

Best of all … you’ll be among YOUR people . . . people who, like you, spend their lives in their studios trying to do incredible work . . . people who are ready to get out, hang with their tribe, have a few laughs, and learn a whole lot about advancing their painting to a completely different status.

You’ll be meeting and learning from the icons of painting.

All during the convention, registered attendees are welcome to paint on the hotel grounds of the beautiful Historic Williamsburg Lodge.

You also have the opportunity to purchase a Studio Pass*. This pass provides exclusive entrance into our “world’s largest studio,” where you can practice your newfound skills right away. This indoor studio is a giant ballroom with a dozen or more live models provided. During specific hours when the studio is open, we provide world-class artists to work with you as mentors. During other open studio hours, you’ll be on your own to paint as you please. (*Registered FACE attendees can purchase the Studio Pass for an additional fee)

Two Icons of Art with Pre-Convention Figurative Art Workshops

As a registered guest of FACE, you also have the opportunity to attend one of two pre-convention workshops. Each workshop is two full days that precede the convention opening.

Every year we select two of the world’s finest artists, one to teach drawing and one to teach painting.

Figurative art - Daniel Maidman -

Essential Drawing Skills with Daniel Maidman

For those who want to learn drawing or perfect their figurative art skills, we’re bringing you Daniel Maidman, who was the subject of the book Daniel Maidman: Nudes. Maidman is regarded as one of the foremost masters of figure drawing in America. The resulting body of work — deft, ripe depictions of the human body in all its shapes and actions — has developed an avid following among artists and admirers alike. This pre-convention workshop will take you through all the important skills you need as an artist.

You’ll be drawing from a live model, and Maidman will work with you on your drawing. This is a rare and special opportunity for those wishing to learn drawing or to take their drawing work to all new heights.

Maestro Michael John Angel
Maestro Michael John Angel

Painting from Photographs with Maestro Michael John Angel

Though some feel the use of photographs is never appropriate, Michael John Angel believes photos are a useful tool for figurative art, knowing that models can be expensive and are not always available. This workshop concentrates on how to make the human figure or a portrait feel realistic even though the reference is a photo. Angel believes this is a necessary skill for every artist.

Angel is the founder of the world-renowned Angel Academy in Florence, Italy, and Toronto, Canada.

This is not only a rare in-person opportunity to study under one of the great masters of our time, this is a rare visit to America by “the Maestro.” Angel has taught many of the great artists of our time, including Cesar Santos.

The Top Figurative Artists in the World as Your Teachers

This is the first and only time this exact faculty will be together. We’re bringing you some of the finest, most popular artists to help make you a better artist.

Master artist Nikolai Blokhin
Nikolai Blokhin

Special Guest: Russian Artist Nikolai Blokhin

Raised in Russia and placed into a famous art school for gifted children, Nikolai Blokhin became one of the top drawing and painting instructors at the world-renowned Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, founded by Catherine the Great. His art has been shown across America, Russia, China, the Netherlands, and throughout Europe, and his work is in the collections of some of the most important art collectors in the world, including Mikhail Piotrovsky, general director of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Blokhin’s paintings hang in Parliament, in the homes of royalty, celebrities, and heads of state, and in the State Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts. This is a rare opportunity to see Blokhin teach and paint on stage.

Master artist Carolyn Anderson
Carolyn Anderson

Just Announced: Artist Carolyn Anderson

Carolyn Anderson, a nationally recognized artist, is an accomplished pastelist and oil painter. She is a Master Artist with the American Impressionist Society (AIS) and a member of the Northwest Rendezvous (NWR), participates in many of the nation’s largest shows, and has had her work featured in numerous publications. Her awards include the C. M. Russell Artists’ Choice, several NWR Awards of Excellence, two C. M. Russell Best of Show Awards, and the 2010 Master Award of Excellence for AIS. Her work is in the collections of many well-known artists, and also in the collection of the Montana Historical Society.

Figurative Art Convention Expo 2019 faculty

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A World-Class Faculty

Artists are carefully selected for FACE based on input from our attendees and our sense of which artists will be most helpful for you to watch and interact with. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience our world-class faculty — the people listed will be teaching on stage, conducting demos or lectures, or working with convention guests in the studio as mentors.

What You’ll Experience at the Figurative Art Convention & Expo

After encountering all that FACE has to offer, it’s inevitable that you’ll leave FACE having become a better artist than when you arrived.

• The world’s best museum-quality figurative artists and sculptors
• Painting with masters as they pass the torch to a new generation
• Top experts in the art world to inspire, educate, and engage you
• Networking with fellow artists
• Elevating your painting and art marketing skills
• Four stages of demonstrations and presentations about art
• The world’s largest art studio (a ballroom) with more than a dozen live models
• Art marketing and business advice from top experts
• Collaboration with fellow artists
• An opportunity to spend time with other artists in your tribe
• Being part of the worldwide realism movement

FACE is THE must-attend destination for representational artists. All styles are welcome, and we’ve made this a hands-on event so you have the option to paint models alongside masters in our studios.

Williamsburg, VA
November 10–13, 2019
Historic Williamsburg Lodge

Regular Price: $1,495
Early Bird Price: $996

(save $500 off the full conference price)
Early Bird Price Expires September 30, 2019

NOTE: Pre-convention workshops, Studio Pass, and the VIP Diamond Member Upgrade experiences are optional and available for a separate fee.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at FACE!

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