Figure painting - Cesar Santos, "Roots," oil on linen, 102 x 70 cm
Cesar Santos, "Roots," oil on linen, 102 x 70 cm

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“The mind likes to play with matter, animals are informed without written language.”  ~ Cesar Santos / @santocesart

If you’re in awe of the color harmony you see in museums, learn to re-create it in your own paintings with Cesar’s “Secrets of Figure Painting” workshop. Cesar is known as “The Man Who Conquered the World Through Painting.” In fact, he’s not only one of the best painters on the planet, but he’s also the perfect person to learn from. He remembers learning all of the methods and techniques that he’ll teach you. He knows what artists struggle with and can teach you how to get past challenges.

“I think he does a great job of explaining his thinking and knowledge of his art,” said Alice Broughton in a review of the workshop. “I have both the drawing dvd and the painting dvd which make a full course load of teaching. They are lengthy, but do not leave out much as opposed to many dvds which are over-edited. Of course, this artist’s personality comes across – his friendliness and caring about what he’s doing.”

A scene from Cesar's "Secrets of Figure Painting" workshop.
A scene from Cesar’s “Secrets of Figure Painting” workshop.

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