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"Jewel" (oil on canvas) by Vincent Xeus

Realism Live Faculty Spotlight >  As a quintessential Chinese American artist in the age of globalization, Vincent Xeus straddles both Eastern and Western artistic ideologies, representing their cultural distinctions, blurring boundaries and creating a unique expression of harmony.

Vincent Xeus is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Realism Live virtual art conference
Vincent Xeus was on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Realism Live virtual art conference.

Each element in his pictorial structure expresses multiple messages and identities. As Xeus blurs image over image, abstract and representational foreground and background constantly shift roles, creating spatial ambiguities that resonates as a complex juxtaposition of senses.

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The cinema left a significant impact on my visual vocabulary from childhood. Key figures from the golden age of American and European cinema helped me develop a sense of visual narrative, which I call upon for my artistic creation today.

In “Jewel” (shown above), I was channeling that inspiration and intuition through the brush strokes and the decisions of colors and shapes on the canvas. The painting allows the audience to look into my creative process and feel the movements in the painting as if the painting were evolving live. Perhaps intuition from childhood calligraphy is also apparent in the brush strokes here.

This painting focuses more on the exploration and welcoming spontaneity rather than the arrival to a fixed picture. The surface is broken into a tapestry of abstract forms to engender the sense of timelessness and objectivity. The simplified tonal range is deployed to enhance the stylization of the painting while retaining the elegant allure of classic portrait, and details are deliberately condensed in order to take focus away from the narrative of the painting but instead to shift towards the emotive experience.

The intention here is to explore the essence of what made Audrey Hepburn so iconic in popular culture while connecting the audience with a sense of chance and pursuit, recalling upon each their own cultural journey leading up to this moment.

Additional Works by Vincent Xeus

Vincent Xeus, "War Wagon," 36x48", oil on linen
Vincent Xeus, “War Wagon,” 36×48″, oil on linen
Vincent Xeus "O," 36x30", oil on linen
Vincent Xeus, “O,” 36×30″, oil on linen
Vincent Xeus, "Elizabeth in Tadema Sky," 18x14", oil on linen
Vincent Xeus, “Elizabeth in Tadema Sky,” 18×14″, oil on linen
"Rodin Menace" by Vincent Xeus
“Rodin Menace” (12 x 9 in.) by Vincent Xeus
"Harper in Snow" by Vincent Xeus
“Harper in Snow” (30 x 20 in.) by Vincent Xeus
"Julia" by Vincent Xeus
“Julia” by Vincent Xeus

About the Artist: Vincent Xeus is an award-winning artist. His prodigious artistic output has earned him international acclaim, and his work is exhibited in renowned public and private collections in museums and galleries worldwide. He creates from his personal cultural experiences in a kaleidoscopic sprawl of contemporary imagery and cultural touchstones.

Xeus currently lives and creates in Manhattan and Napa Valley, California. He served
as a Director on the Board of the Arts Council Napa Valley, and as Arts Commissioner in Napa Valley, California. The artist holds a high honors bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a master’s degree from Columbia University.”

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