Mary Whyte - Figurative Art Convention & Expo -
"Flurries" by Mary Whyte

Save the date so you can learn from the one and only Mary Whyte, and get expert advice on how to get the most out of an art event. Mary Whyte - Figurative Art Convention Expo (FACE)

Mary Whyte is an artist, author and teacher whose watercolor paintings have earned international recognition. Her works have been exhibited nationally as well as in China, the United Kingdom and Taiwan, and have been featured in numerous publications stateside and in France, Germany, Russia, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

Whyte is the author of several books, and is the recipient of the Portrait Society of America’s Gold Medal, the Carolinas Freedom Award and the Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Award, South Carolina’s highest honor in the arts. Her acclaimed exhibition Working South depicting blue collar workers toured five museums and was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

Whyte’s current exhibition of fifty large scale watercolors called “We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America” is touring the United States. Now you have the opportunity to learn from Whyte in person during a painting demo/session at the Figurative Art Convention & Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, October 29 through November 1, 2020.

Mary Whyte - Figurative Art Convention & Expo -
“Bunker” by Mary Whyte

An Amazing FACE Transformation

By Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Realism Today, Fine Art Connoisseur, and more

This past November, before our Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) started, an artist walked up to me to ask for some advice. She showed me her work, which was above average but not at what I considered a high level. She asked how she could get the most out of FACE.

I paused, thought about it for a minute, and gave an answer that surprised even myself.

“Here are the things you need to do,” I said…

  1. Meet as many people as possible and make friends. This will give you a support system; it will help you know people you can sit around and talk art with. This will be beneficial in your development as an artist.
  2. Go to the sessions of the artists you most respect, but don’t ignore the ones you don’t know. We’ve selected them for their teaching ability and skills and you’ll get some gems from them as well.
  3. Take extensive notes, and make sure to try what you hear in those “aha moments” when you’re in the studio at night. The sooner you try things, the better you’ll remember them.
  4. Attend all the art marketing sessions, and again, take notes. One nugget of advice can make your year.
  5. Don’t stop after FACE. Study hard, and practice everything you learned every day. Draw as much as possible. Become obsessed with drawing — it will transform you.
  6. If you can, take a workshop with one of the instructors. Because your mind has been opened to new things, you’ll pick up things in the workshop that you’ve never noticed before.

Today I got a call. Here’s what the artist said…

“I did everything you told me to do. I got to know a lot of people, and I’ve been able to hang out with them locally. It really does help.

“I learned so much at FACE. I went back to my notes and practiced like a maniac. And I went to a workshop after, and you’re right, I picked up so much more. In fact, the instructor told me I was better than the first time I had taken the same workshop. It clearly was the influence of FACE.

“Then the best part: I went back and reworked a lot of my old work, and held a show at my studio over the weekend. I used some of the tips you suggested in your marketing course,
and I sold 11 paintings! I would have been lucky to sell one before.

“Clearly FACE impacted my drawing, my painting, and my ability to make money. Thank you!”

Of course, I love hearing this. And I’d love it to happen to you.

About FACE…

FACE is a convention for artists who want to study under some of the top artists in the world. It’s a few days of demos, talks, and marketing advice, and, uniquely, it offers a studio for practicing what you learned during sessions.

FACE isn’t for everyone. It is focused on people interested in Contemporary Realism, and paintings that tend to be narrative.

FACE is high-energy, upbeat, and a lot of fun.

FACE is refreshing … it’s different. It tends to be very youthful, though there are attendees of all ages.

FACE is also a premium event, meaning you invest more in yourself (about what you would pay for a good workshop). You get the best of the best, and you get access to the best of the best, because we keep it small and intimate.

How do we know people loved it?

Fifty percent of those who attended this past November have signed up for FACE this year. That’s a high percentage, so it means tickets will sell out early because word is getting out.

If you love painting, want to be the best you can be, and want to be inspired, excited, and taking your work to the next level, FACE is the place.

We already have some amazing, hard-to-get speakers and demo artists … and we’re only just beginning.

To hold your seat, simply visit

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