The Path of Drawing by Patricia Watwood

“The Path of Drawing: Lessons for Everyday Creativity and Mindfulness” by Patricia Watwood is an art instructional book on cultivating creativity and drawing as a practice of mindfulness. Published by Monacelli Studio (an imprint of Phaidon Press), it comes out on December 14, 2022.

In celebration of the new book, the Salmagundi Club is presenting an exhibition of Watwood’s drawings from December 11–23. She will speak there about the book (and sign copies of it) on December 14.

drawing of a dandelion
“Dandelion Urbanized” by Marina Terauds

From Patricia Watwood:

This book will guide readers to build a creative habit, learn skills in realistic drawing, and develop confidence in one’s individual voice. Focusing on aspects of mindfulness that are particularly relevant to creative individuals, I discuss overcoming blocks and dealing with emotional challenges to accomplishing work. I share my process for building a personal sourcebook of inspiration and imagination and illustrate how artists use drawing as a vehicle for exploring ideas and developing complex works.

graphite portrait drawing
“Liquid Line” (2020, graphite on canvas, 30 x 30 in.) by Agnes Grochulska

The sample projects in this book are designed to be approachable and manageable in a short period of time. Illustrations include subjects like city sketches, landscapes, trees, nature studies, everyday still-life objects, eyes, and hands. Other projects show how to make a personal sourcebook, use collage and vision boards, notan thumbnails, and engage one’s intuition and imagination.

Eye drawing demonstration by Patricia Watwood
Eye drawing demonstration by Patricia Watwood

These exercises will help the reader enjoy time spent drawing, develop some technical skills, and master simple concepts along the way. Through daily creative practice and observing the joys of the world around them, readers can build patience, confidence, calm, connectedness, and bravery.

"Three Meadows Maple" (2016, 11.25 x 7.5 in.) by Patricia Watwood
“Three Meadows Maple” (2016, 11.25 x 7.5 in.) by Patricia Watwood

Richly illustrated with 56 contemporary and historic artists, with quotes, and poetry, this book is designed to help readers stay inspired, build resilience, and discover a creative path.

"Two Hands and Bowl" by Patricia Watwood - drawing
“Two Hands and Bowl” by Patricia Watwood

Get your copy of “The Path of Drawing: Lessons for Everyday Creativity and Mindfulness” by Patricia Watwood here.

About the Author:

Patricia Watwood is a visual artist known for her realist drawings, oil paintings, and portraits. A leading figure in the contemporary figurative art movement, she has exhibited at the Beijing World Art Museum, the European Museum of Modern Art, and the Butler Institute of American Art, and her work is held in public and private collections around the world. Her commissioned portraits hang in institutions such as St. Louis City Hall, Washington University, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the Harvard Art Museums.

Watwood earned her MFA with honors from the New York Academy of Art and was a founding member of the Water Street Atelier. She is a Signature Member of the Portrait Society of America and has been named a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center. She is the current First Vice President of the Salmagundi Club of NYC. Watwood has produced video courses with Streamline Art Video and the streaming platforms, and She has served as a professor of drawing at the New York Academy of Art and has written for and been featured in American Artist and Fine Art Connoisseur, among other publications.

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