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Miano Academy of Art atelier training - Rembrandt

10 Benefits of Atelier Training

Charles Miano shares how one-on-one training with a master artist is the quickest way to improve one’s abilities.
Contemporary figure paintings - Anna Wypych - RealismToday.com

Freedom in Seven Tones: Contemporary Figure Paintings

On contemporary figure paintings inspired by the “glue” of the universe.
Photorealism painting - Doug Webb - RealismToday.com

Photorealism with Meaningful Metaphors

Doug Webb considers himself a “classical romantic surrealist, juxtaposing Magritte-like oversized objects and shifts of scale within scenes.” Learn more about his photorealistic art in this spotlight.
Mixed media art - Chanel Thervil - ArtistsOnArt.com

Reactions to Racism: An Artist’s Perspective

A Haitian-American artist’s mixed-media work unveils perspectives on racism from the point of view of black millennials.
Contemporary figurative art

Oil Paintings of Emergency Scenes

In this exclusive Q&A, artist and teacher McGarren Flack tells us about his artistic path, including how his art has changed over time, and one of his biggest challenges.
Antonio Mancini and the graticola

Mancini’s Graticola

Learn about a device called the "graticola," which Italian artist Antonio Mancini came to rely on for his drawings and paintings.

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