Contemporary realism
A sample of the expert teachers coming to Realism Live in November 2024

You are part of the Contemporary Realism Movement. This movement is driven by people who refuse to abandon the painting techniques of the past, people who value rich history over the abstract.

No, you are not against the modern look. In fact, you’re not against anything! You just want others to see and acknowledge that realism has a place in today’s art scene.

To accomplish this, we’re on a quest to build realism back into the vocabulary of the art world and to help others see that what we do is more relevant than ever.

We may be using techniques rooted in the past, but we’re blazing a modern-day trail.

How to paint realism art
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Once a year, those of us who are passionate about this movement gather together online as a family of realists.

We gather to grow and learn as artists, network with like-minded people who share our passion for realism, and plan our future together as we discover how to make our voices heard.

This annual gathering is Realism Live and this year it’s scheduled for Nov 9-11, with an Essential Techniques Day scheduled for Nov 8th. It’s 3-days jam-packed with lessons from some of the leading artists in Realism.

Just look at our powerful faculty lineup above, with many more to be announced soon. Now, November might seem far away, but the earlier you save a spot, the more you save.

Attending Realism Live is like painting bliss, and you don’t want to miss the bliss of this amazing event. Visit now to learn more and register!


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