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Self-portrait by Daniel Graves

A word from one of our sponsors about painting like the masters.

For decades, Daniel Graves has been teaching the ancient techniques of the Old Masters at The Florence Academy, a school he founded that is among the top schools in the world for representational art.

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Painting like the masters - Daniel Graves
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Painting Like the Masters

In this video broadcast, you’ll be in awe as Daniel walks through some of the age-old techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. The video includes instructions on grinding your own paint, Daniel’s method for cleansing oil to prevent yellowing, how to create painting medium, and so much more. Don’t miss one moment of this portraiture great showing you his techniques. Painting like the masters - Daniel Graves Old World Portraiture how-to video

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Video Length: 4 hours, 14 minutes

This DVD production includes:

  • How to grind your own paint…
  • Daniel Graves’ secret method for cleansing oil to prevent yellowing…
  • How to create painting medium…
  • How to draw from a live model…
  • How to create a complete underpainting…
  • How to create form in the figure…
  • Techniques for creating skin tones from a three-color palette…

Reviews for “Old World Portraiture” with Daniel Graves:
I cant believe this!! Since yesterday I was thinking of finding a great teacher to guide me through portrait techniques and I woke up to read and see this video! Its simply amazing and awesome. Cant wait to visit the Florence Academy, in Italy.

I bought Daniel Graves Tutorial DVD Painting Portraiture and as an Artist who attend some workshop in Florence Academy/Italy, I can say it was amazing. I have already watched the DVD more than 10 times. Everything in that DVD reminds me of The Florence Academy method of painting. Even his Wooden palette, and the oil-paints he chooses for his palette all good.

When I began watching this video, my heart began to pound….this must be what it was like to learn from the Old Masters! Daniel Graves will take you through the complete painting process from making your own oils, the materials he uses and why, and how to apply a successful ground and imprimatura to your canvas. He will explain the importance of how the light falls on your subject, values, and how to make your portrait more interesting by provoking a mood from your sitter. This video is playing most of the time in my studio no matter what I am painting.

Learn more about painting like the masters with the full video workshop by Daniel Graves HERE.

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