Odd Nerdrum paintings
ODD NERDRUM (b. 1944), "Three Name Givers," 1990, oil on canvas, 89 x 81 in.

“Rarely are the ethereal pictures by Odd Nerdrum easy to look at, yet they always draw us in, forcing us to marvel at the artist’s deft draftsmanship and lush brushwork, even as we try to work out exactly what’s happening here,” said Peter Trippi, Editor-in-Chief of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.

“After he was expelled from Oslo’s National Academy of Art, his skillful drawings elicited an invitation from the Düsseldorf-based conceptualist Joseph Beuys to work in his studio, but that experience also ended with expulsion. Nerdrum has since made his own way, so successfully that his works can now be found in museums and major private collections worldwide.”

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Odd Nerdrum paintings
Odd Nerdrum, “Drifting”
Odd Nerdrum paintings
Odd Nerdrum, “Mother and Son (Prince of Iceland)”
Odd Nerdrum paintings
Odd Nerdrum, “Dawn,” 1990, oil on canvas, 80 x 113 1/4 in.
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Artworks with permission from our sister publication, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine