Contemporary realism portrait painting
Anne-Marie Zanetti, "Aisling," oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm, signed

Anne-Marie Zanetti on the Portrait Painting “Aisling”

I am intrigued by memories from my childhood – how fleeting yet important each can be. The emotions that accompany these remembering’s bring valuable insights if we are willing to delve into the shadows of our emotional landscape. My painting, over time, has become a cherished method of unearthing the wisdom to be found through soulful and emotional discoveries.

Portraiture, and all its challenges, fascinates me and my youngest daughter Bec has become my muse in this personal exploration, a symbol of myself. The ‘Reminisce’ series began when Bec was navigating the complexity of early adulthood. Unexpectedly, my own fragile memories of these years clamored for my attention.

Bec, the protagonist of these paintings, is a young woman owning her sexuality and strength. The intimate, often sensual, poses invite attention, and yet at the same time the camouflage of the sunglasses seems to protect her identity, even her innocence. The wallpaper backgrounds, suggestive of 70’s and 80’s styling, helped me to fuse the eras, past and present, and introduce a sense of nostalgia and context.

The rendering of these works is my endeavor to heal, nurture, and release a very tumultuous time of my life, transforming my recollections into something beautiful, confident and feminine.

“Aisling” is on view at Rehs Contemporary (New York) through June 24, 2022. “Insight” features artwork by five artists of various nationalities – Jesús Inglés and Arantza Sestayo (Spanish), Alexandra Klimas (Dutch), Roman Pankov (Ukrainian), and Anne-Marie Zanetti (Australian).

Additional Works on View:

Jesús Inglés, "Quinto Elemento," oil on panel, 80 cm diameter, signed
Jesús Inglés, “Quinto Elemento,” oil on panel, 80 cm diameter, signed


Portrait painting of a cow
Alexandra Klimas, “Wendy the Cow,” oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, signed


Arantza Sestayo, "Flowers and Molasses," watercolor on paper, 48 x 28 cm, signed
Arantza Sestayo, “Flowers and Molasses,” watercolor on paper, 48 x 28 cm, signed


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