Representational portrait painting of a woman
"Chelsey" by Alexey Steele

While the world was seduced by Modernism, the Russians were preserving and promoting age-old techniques as well as developing a style of their own. Trained in Moscow at the world-renowned Surikov Institute of the Russian Academy, artist Alexey Steele studied under the top masters at the school.

Unlike art schools in America, fewer than 20 students are accepted into this school annually after exhaustive demonstration of proficiency as an artist. Steele, the son of renowned Russian Master Leonid Steel, became a master in his own right and today hails from a position of influence in his Los Angeles Studio. Steele is not only a brilliant artist, but is also a colorful and exuberant defender and leader of the new realism movement.

Steele’s portrait painting “Chelsey” is the featured artwork in his PaintTube art video workshop, “Portrait Techniques of the Russian Masters.”


Alexey Steele painting en plein air
Alexey Steele painting en plein air

More About “Portrait Techniques of the Russian Masters”

This video, the first for Steele, demonstrates his style and gives the viewer an excellent demonstration in the Moscow school style. You’ll follow Alexey as he paints and offers his viewpoints on technique and purpose step by step through the process of painting Chelsea, his beautiful muse and model. We’ll tour his Los Angeles studio, view his artwork. We’ll also make a rare visit to the home and studio of Leonid Steele, Russian Master. Art publisher Eric Rhoads interviews Steele, plus you’ll receive an in-depth discussion of his thoughts on art today. We believe this will become a very important documentation of a special time in the world of art.

Alexey Steele “Portrait Techniques of the Russian Masters”
(watch here)

This cinematic DVD production includes:

  • 6 hours, 35 minutes of video instruction, interviews, and more
  • In-depth female portrait painting demonstration in the Russian style, capturing the essence of the sitter
  • A Los Angeles studio visit
  • Interview with the artist by Fine Art Connoisseur publisher B. Eric Rhoads
  • A Viewing of Steele’s paintings
  • A Visit to the home of Russian Master Leonid Steele

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