Color harmony -
"Three Anjou Pears" by Douglas Fryer

Watch as master artist and sought-after instructor Douglas Fryer shares a quick tip for finding color harmony:

In the art video workshop “Painting with Intuition,” he shares his process, techniques, approaches, and more to help you become a much more intuitive painter. You’re going to see what it takes to connect with your creative intuition and allow it to guide your decisions.

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Meet Your New Instructor: Douglas Fryer

Douglas Fryer is widely regarded for his richly textured, subtly abstracted landscapes, still life, and figure paintings.

According to him, “Art is in the process and result of organizing elements to stimulate the senses, emotions, and thoughts of both the creator and the viewer of the work. Works of art are evidence of the artist’s effort to experience and comprehend the world and to observe particular nuances in visual, conceptual, and spiritual information.”

His ability to create poetic works that inspire contemplation and reflection is to be studied by both novice and experienced artists.

His art made such an impact that Meyer Gallery (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Altamira Galleries (Scottsdale, Arizona and Jackson Hole, Wyoming) and Illume Gallery of Fine Art (St. George, Utah) are now proudly representing his work.

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