Best art advice 2023

We know there’s plenty of art advice out there, but we wanted to hear YOUR opinion, so we recently asked on Facebook, “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about creating art?”

The answers did not disappoint! Here’s a peek at what of your fellow contemporary artists had to say about their favorite art advice. Share yours with us in the comments below, even if it’s a repeat – you’ll notice some recurring themes because sometimes we need to hear the same thing in multiple ways.

Best art advice 2023

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“Paint from life.” ~ Lorenzo Chavez

“Do a value sketch before you start painting.” ~ Pat Fiorello

“Don’t take everything so seriously and paint a lot of really bad paintings until you refine your craft.” ~ Kate Van Doren

“Good drawing makes great painting.” ~ Dorothy Lorenze

Use a “rapid fire” approach: “It was advice from my professor in an independent advanced drawing class. I was being very slow and calculating each piece too much. He said, (comparing art to a battle), “Instead of slow and careful single shots (drawings) like a sniper, get in the action, take lots of shots…” Keep taking lots of shots [because] some might miss the mark. But more shots mean more potential hits. It helped me a lot. I made a large quantity of solid drawings, two series of different themes and lots of great images. I still have to give myself permission to use the rapid-fire approach when I’m getting too tight on a project. I start a second project or several more, with looser techniques and work through the ideas in paint or drawings or both for the main project, by DOING instead of JUST THINKING.” ~ Lamken Foltz

“Do not accept less than you are capable of.” ~ Nengei Joseph Alexander

“Just pick up a brush, and start painting!” ~ Vicki Van De Berghe

“Keep painting.” ~ Ashlee Trcka

“Make art. While people decide whether they like it, make more art.” ~ Arthur Weil

“Don’t worry about finding your ‘style’. Just paint and most of all ENJOY it.
It’s just paint.
No one is watching.
Don’t be afraid, be brave!
Use the Internet. There’s YouTube, Patreon, and many other platforms that are loaded with valuable information.
Leave your art supplies out in a designated space. Honor them. Even if it is a small designated space. Have them out and ready for any moment.
Speaking of any moment, need help creating more? Set a timer for 15 minutes, give yourself permission to stop painting after that. Betcha continue…
Lastly….if I haven’t mentioned it yet…
ENJOY!” ~ Wendy Rose

“Don’t listen to everyone else’s advice.” ~ Lisa Jefferson

“For every action, there is an equivalent and opposite reaction. If you are an artist or creator don’t be just be artist, be a force of life.” ~ Daniel “Danny” Vancas

“Do the background first. Don’t try to do details early on.” ~ Jamie Amos

“Never, never, never, never GIVE UP!” ~ Jan Ross

“Get a sketchbook to paint or draw whatever you want that’s not really related to work.” ~ Cosmicsketch

“Stop looking and learn to see.” ~ Mary Lapos

“…give away a piece to someone who doesn’t expect it and create a piece for charity events every year.” ~ Elisa Gail Prescott

“Do it your way … you can’t please everyone.” ~ Darleen Chase

“Just paint! (In other words, stop overthinking the process and explore your own instinct.)” ~ Lorraine Pichugin

“Keep painting, paint something every day – even if it’s just a wash, the sky or one cloud, an outline, PAINT, PAINT, PAINT.” ~ Cathy Martinez Hocking

“Keep practicing drawing … the better you draw, the better your paintings.” ~ Linda Catucci

“Practice being gentle and forgiving with yourself (and others). When creating, you’ve already won the battle, even if the outcome wasn’t what you expected.” ~ Jojo Garcia

“Spend at least five minutes a day drawing or painting!” ~ Carol Smith

“Paint what you love.” ~ Laura Fischer Saxon

“Just do it! Make art every chance you get!” ~ Nancy Roddy

“Sneak up on the image.” ~ Eugenia Algaze Garcia

“Start.” ~ Rinke Slotegraaf

So tell us, what’s the best advice YOU have heard? Share it with us in the comments below to keep the motivation going!

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