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Jurors for Figurativas 2023 - Figurative art

Figurative Art in Barcelona

This competition is not just an event in itself, but the beginning of an exciting ongoing artistic journey.
Figurative Art - Teresa Brutcher, “Father and Son,” oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm.

“Father and Son” – A Figurative Art Painting Spotlight

Teresa Butcher shares the inspiration and meaning behind her figurative art painting, "Father and Son."
Portrait painting of a woman - Kevin Beilfuss, "Aiya," 16 x 12 in.

Figurative Art, Fireflies, and the Art of Design

When approaching a painting, this concept of fireflies can help the artist understand how one’s eye is naturally led around a subject.
Narrative art - contemporary realism

The Blessing of the Animals: A Figurative Art Step-by-Step

Ann James Massey takes us through the process of creating a figurative painting that celebrates an annual Catholic tradition.
Contemporary realism figurative art

Figurative Art by Luke Hillestad: Waterborne

Classical figurative painter Luke Hillestad shares the insights from his collection, "Waterborne," inspired by the sacredness of the birth of his child and the element of water.
Figurative Art - narrative oil painting

Exploring Bodily Beauty Through Figurative Art

Working within the classical western tradition of figurative art, this artist's goal has been to explore and portray women's bodies and gestures from a 21st century point of view.
Figurative Art - Rick Casali - RealismToday.com

Using Torso Blocks for Figurative Art

What divides fine art from trendy gimmicks and fads? What is it that makes art timeless? Sculptor Rick Casali explains.
Figurative art oil painting of a woman

The Underlying Structure of Painting Figurative Art

The skill of good observation, the ability to convey the three-dimensionality of form convincingly, and the cultivation of edge, color and value sensitivity—all stem from an understanding of the nature of the underlying structure.
Figurative Art - Rose Frantzen - RealismToday.com

This is Not a Nude: Figurative Art by Rose Frantzen

Today we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the figurative works of contemporary artist Rose Frantzen, including her trompe l'oeil paintings.
Opportunities for Artists - art competition

New Opportunity for Figurative Artists

The goal of this project is to gather the most recent production of figurative art in the contemporary art scene at an international level and to encourage artistic initiatives. First prize is ...

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