Figurative Art - Rose Frantzen -
Rose Frantzen, Self-Portrait

Contemporary Figurative art > Rose Frantzen’s figurative, representational, conceptual, and allegorical works show in museums and galleries, including her own Old City Hall Gallery in Maquoketa, Iowa.

In Portraits in Conversation, her art video workshop, Rose is giving you her all! She holds nothing back as she shares her ideas and methods so you can find ways to express your own concepts and approaches to your portrait paintings. Learn more here.

Figurative Art - Rose Frantzen -
Rose Frantzen, “How Can You See Straight When All You See Are Targets”

Figurative Art Portraits

“Portrait of Maquoketa,” a collection of 180 portraits of her townspeople, was exhibited at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. In 2013, she transformed the project into a suspended installation that is now included in the Figge Art Museum’s permanent collection.

One of her exhibitions, “In the Face of Illusion,” featured a 4×64 foot wall of contiguous portraits and figures integrated and in dialogue with optical illusions. Frantzen is a frequent demonstrator, panelist, and guest lecturer.

Portrait painting - Rose Frantzen -
Rose Frantzen, “Jim in April Sunlight”

The following artworks are featured on Frantzen’s Instagram page (@rosefrantzen).

This article was originally published in 2019 in a spotlight featuring Frantzen, who has been on the faculty of the annual virtual art conference, Realism Live.

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