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How did you develop your unique style?
Pauline Aubey: I am basically a portrait artist who traded chalks for lego bricks. This shift helped me achieve a traditional painting feel using raw flashy colors to make the artwork really pop. This was quite a natural evolution to me: as a short-sighted person I tend to see the world in color spots rather than lines. My style also evolved recently when I realized that I identified my human subjects with specific textures such as glass, plasticine or even oil. This made me develop a glazes technique consisting in a superimposition of matte and transparent bricks to achieve the subtle quintessential texture I am looking for.

How do you find inspiration?
Pauline Aubey: My inspiration mainly comes from popular real life or fictitious icons marked by tragedy, or by a rise and fall pattern. I like to create some kind of romanticism or even drama in my portraiture of modern subjects using analogies with ancient religious of mythological figures. My typical subject would be a Christ-like Kurt Cobain or a redempted Black Dahlia emerging as an ethereal mysterious bride. These are the archetypes that help me transcend what I fear the most: the boredom of ordinary life and the very idea of death.

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artist uses lego bricks to create a portrait
Pauline Aubey, Changes, 15 x 15 in., lego bricks, 2022
artist uses lego bricks to create portrait
Pauline Aubey, The Pope of Rose Quartz, 20×25 inches, lego bricks, 2022