Tina Spratt in her studio

How did you develop your unique style?

Tina Spratt: I have always been drawn to the female figure in my work and I hope to recreate the beauty and integrity of a simple, everyday intimacy. I am fascinated with trying to capture the different emotions that are present in solitude, when we’re more able to be at one with ourselves. I also want to represent the women I paint with vulnerability, strength and respect.
The fabrics further add to her femininity and compliment the underlying emotions in the painting, whilst indulging an ongoing interest I have in the collaboration between the two, particularly more decorative fabrics.
When I’m portraying a figure in a domestic scene I am drawn to a voyeuristic feel to the paintings, a solitary figure living their own story in the modern world, leaving it fairly ambiguous, so the viewer can draw their own conclusions and hopefully in some way relate to it.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

Tina Spratt: To be able to do what I love all day, every day. There is always something to develop and explore, I love being able to absorb myself in my subject and constantly push myself to develop ideas and technical ability.

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oil painting of woman sitting cloaked
Veiled 111, 46 x 22 in, oil on linen, 2021
pastel painting of woman dropped over bed
Before I Sleep, 28 x 20 in, pastel, 2022