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Congratulations to Karon Tucker, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon. "Not all animals have dramatic stories of survival but, they all have their own personalities and stories to tell. When I paint, I want to convey that soul that lies behind those eyes I’m peering through."
William Blake is “obsessed” with America’s Civil War and has made a life, and a living, re-enacting and memorializing its events. Here's how, and why.
Nanette Fluhr's portrait paintings have a personal touch that transcends the artist/model relationship, inviting the viewer to feel a similar sense of connection within her works. In this Q&A with Daniel Maidman, she explains how.
"From my earliest interest in art, the human figure and face were prominent subjects for my work. Even as my style, scale, and mediums varied over time, I was consistently drawn to the figure for inspiration. I was therefore disoriented and nervous when, seemingly on their own, the figures that had long populated my paintings disappeared."
In this full-length article, Nancy Tankersley explains the pros and cons of painting from photos. Bonus: Includes reference photos and the finished paintings.
“Shades of Blue” is revival of a drawing show, titled (appropriately enough) “Blue Drawings” which was first exhibited at Portraits, Inc. in June 2015 at their New York City gallery. Curated by Michael Gormley and Patricia Watwood, the show...
Figurative realists Sara and Shane Scribner share their inspiration: Sara, for her "Nightfall" series of paintings of women who have found a place of calm and introspection within the looming nightfall; and Shane, for his paintings highlighting light and contrast.
This Dutch artist’s time-intensive process requires extraordinary patience, focus, and accuracy: "For me, this is an exciting way of working where destruction creates new life and beauty.”
Though natural artistic talent can provide needed encouragement for artists, properly seeing our world is something that must be learned and developed. These ideas can get you started on that path...
How do you capture the nature of birds in flight and at rest? Michael Dumas shares both his inspiration and his process for his winning work, "Fox Sparrow Study."

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