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Be inspired by the paintings and drawings from some of the world’s best working artists with these guest blog posts, artist interviews, exhibition news, and more.

“Shades of Blue” is revival of a drawing show, titled (appropriately enough) “Blue Drawings” which was first exhibited at Portraits, Inc. in June 2015 at their New York City gallery. Curated by Michael Gormley and Patricia Watwood, the show...
Figurative realists Sara and Shane Scribner share their inspiration: Sara, for her "Nightfall" series of paintings of women who have found a place of calm and introspection within the looming nightfall; and Shane, for his paintings highlighting light and contrast.
This Dutch artist’s time-intensive process requires extraordinary patience, focus, and accuracy: "For me, this is an exciting way of working where destruction creates new life and beauty.”
Though natural artistic talent can provide needed encouragement for artists, properly seeing our world is something that must be learned and developed. These ideas can get you started on that path...
How do you capture the nature of birds in flight and at rest? Michael Dumas shares both his inspiration and his process for his winning work, "Fox Sparrow Study."
Ryan Brown shares advice on how to give yourself the best chance to succeed and become an expert at what you do.
In this guest blog post, Carolyn Anderson takes us behind the scenes and answers a common question: What's on your palette? Also learn what type of brush she uses almost exclusively, and the surfaces she recommends.
From guilt, exhaustion, and anxiety, to peace and balance, Ann Kraft Walker shares her personal journey: "Just as it takes discipline to show up at the easel and put in hours of focused work, it also takes discipline to ..."
In addition to getting over the intense fear of just putting your work out there, there are certain steps you can take to find the right art galleries to represent you. Here's how one artist creates success.
Brazilian watercolorist Eudes Correia shares his inspiring story, advice for other artists, and his step-by-step painting process in this exclusive interview with Realism Today.

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