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Focusing on the "mundane, suburban scenes of domestic life" allows Zoey Frank to simultaneously play with another, more "formal" aspect of her paintings...
How do you create a complex painting composition? Stein explains in this article: “It takes risk to turn a good painting into a great painting.”
"My real art education was formed and continues to this day through careful observation and learning how to see." From "preposterous" art methods in the 1980s to glorious days of studying with masters, Garin Baker shares his inspiring path as an artist.
With 70 million acres of forested land disappearing each year, Carin Wagner is dedicating her life to painting the most endangered trees.
"My creative process is inherently about labor, and against the modern backdrop of instant, image-driven gratification, I have found the physical process involved in the painstaking, craft-driven rendering of a subject or a moment to be ever more important."
Christopher Benson shares an essay on danger of confusing the level of our craft with the quality of our art.
"Just like the girl in my painting 'The Color Collector,' creating art was for me a refuge, a place where I was with myself, away from my country."
The representational portrait painting, "Chelsey" by Alexey Steele, is this week's featured painting for Realism Today.
"By examining my own world and people closest to me on a daily basis, my paintings have begun to reflect the current season of my life."
When a memorial dog portrait by James Thomas brought the dog's owners to tears, he saw how powerful his tributes could be. Since then, he ...

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