Realism painting by Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca, "Old Man And The Sea," oil on linen, 26x34"

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Teresa Oaxaca - Realism Live 2021 faculty
Teresa Oaxaca is on the faculty for Realism Live, November 11-13, 2021 (Beginner’s Day November 10)

“My work is about pleasing the eye,” says Teresa Oaxaca. “I paint light and the way it falls. Simple observation reveals beauty; often it is found in the unconventional. Because of this I have learned to take particular delight in unusual pairings of subject matter.

“Frequently my compositions are spontaneous. When a person comes to me, they occupy a space in my mind. Arrangements form from there until with excitement I see and have the idea. The design is both planned and subconscious. For this reason I surround myself with Victorian and Baroque costume, bones, and other things which I find fascinating – I want subject matter to always be at hand.”

Shown here are some of the finished and in-progress paintings and drawings that Oaxaca has been working on over the past year in her home studio.

Portrait painting by Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca, “Byzantine Splendor,” oil on linen, 20×20″, artist made frame
Realism painting by Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca, “Judith and the Shark,” work in progress

“As you can see, I have been embarking on a new series of works that involve seascapes,” she said. “This did not come about as something planned, but others emerged organically within the painting as work on them progressed.”

Realism drawings - Teresa Oaxaca
Portrait drawing by Teresa Oaxaca
Realism drawings - Teresa Oaxaca
Teresa Oaxaca, “Flown Out Of Chaos,” ink on paper 11.5×18.5″
Realism drawings - Teresa Oaxaca
Bird drawing by Teresa Oaxaca

Learn how to paint in the style of realism with Teresa Oaxaca at the 2nd Annual Realism Live virtual art conference, November 11-13, 2021 (with a Beginner’s Day November 10).

About the Artist:
Teresa Oaxaca is an American born artist based currently in Washington D.C. She is a full time painter whose works can be seen in collections and galleries throughout the US and internationally. Her talent has been recognized and rewarded by museums and institutions such as the American Museum of the Cowboy, The former Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Art Renewal Center, The Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Posey Foundation, and The Portrait Society of America and the Museu Europeu D’Art Modern in Barcelona.

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