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Massagrande bends the rules of perspective to introduce subtle distortions and exaggerations that heighten the psychological impact of these scenes.
How painting only for other painters you admire forces you to be more adventurous and ambitious than you may otherwise have been when working for a client or developing a series for a gallery.
In this interview, Gabriela Dellosso tells us about her winning painting that captures a moment in the French Revolution.
Known for her contemporary romanticism, this Ann Moeller Steverson takes us behind the scenes of two paintings inspired by her incredible daughters.
If painting feels like a tightrope walk, try focusing on color mixing, drawing techniques, and getting over some of the preconceived notions about the "rules" of art, such as...
With a love for genuine egg tempera, Elena Vladimir Baranoff takes us behind the scenes of her inspiration for painting, and exploring identity.
Oil painter Ernest Vincent Wood, III shares the inspiration behind his award-winning self-portrait titled "Vulnerability," which reflects our "bizarre reality."
Inspired by the women in her life, Narelle Zeller is creating a series titled "In Bloom," which is also a collaboration with a talented florist who creates custom pieces for the portrait paintings. Discover Zeller's process in this exclusive article.
Studying illustration led Melissa Cooper to discover her real love: painting and drawing in the realist tradition. "I can be a little bit of a perfectionist," she says, "so the academic and traditional style of painting really resonates with me."
Enjoy a recap of the world's first global virtual art conference, with these special moments, painting and drawing tips from the masters, Cocktail Hour Paint Along highlights, and more.

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