How to paint horses - Johanne Mangi -
"White Lightning" by Johanne Mangi

Artist Spotlight / How to Paint Horses: Professional artist, instructor, animal lover, and a former owner and trainer of horses, Johanne Mangi shares inspiration on how to paint with the love and passion that you have for animals.

Artist Johanne Mangi

How to paint horses - Johanne Mangi -
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On Painting Horses by Johanne Mangi

I’ve done some form of art all my life. That doesn’t mean it was good just that there was a drive to create. I didn’t get serious about it until 2008 and I didn’t start to get better at it until I locked onto my passion.

Dogs, horses, and other animals…they’ve always been my focus. When I was young I remember looking at all the horse racing magazines for the photos and any dog fancier magazines that existed at the corner store.

That’s why I strongly believe that you should paint what you love, especially while you are learning. You can’t fake that. I paint all types of subjects but it was recognizing my passion that jump-started my acumen.

Equine art - Johanne Mangi -
Equine art by Johanne Mangi

I have this strong belief that if you find what you are passionate about that’s half the battle! You can read all you want about theories and rules but it can also hold you back because you think you can never know it all.

A basic understanding is definitely useful but what they don’t really tell you is that we can bend things for our own purpose. Pick and choose what to focus on. Don’t get bogged down by rules, details, and theories.

Learn more about how to paint horses with Johanne here. In this video, you’ll see Johanne demonstrate a full painting — from the early prep work all the way to the final touches. You can paint right along with her or watch and learn so you’ll be ready to start your own animal portrait.

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