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Painting composition - Olga Krimon - RealismToday.com

Approaching Composition: Diagonals and Curves

Use strong diagonals and curves to create a unique painting composition. Olga Krimon explains.
How to paint and draw - Artist Events - RealismToday.com

A Letter to Studio Artists

As it turns out, this method is an important tool for the training of all artists in all subject matters.
Sculpting children - Mardie Rees - RealismToday.com

Sculpting with a Mother’s Courage

Mother and artist Mardie Rees answers the question: “How could I possibly navigate this area of life and be the artist I truly felt called to be?”
Limited palette - Jennifer Balkan - RealismToday.com

Colorful Portraits with Just Four Tubes of Paint

Jennifer Balkan shares little-known ways to a lifetime of portraits you can be proud of.

Why Some Artists Are More Successful

After producing several art magazines, newsletters, and art conferences and judging competitions for almost 15 years, Eric Rhoads is seeing a pattern in successful artists.

The Road to Mastery

With dogged determination and a clear path, we can bring the pursuit of mastery into reality in the tradition of the Old Masters.
Art studio lighting how-to - Todd Casey - RealismToday.com

Art Studio Lighting Basics

Learn the best way to light your art studio for painting, including choosing the best wall color, and more.

Painting White: Pro Advice for Artists

Before you reach for that tube of white paint, see what Lori McNee has to say about how much color it takes to create the illusion of white, and give more life to your next painting.
Oil painting step-by-step - Aixa Oliveras - RealismToday.com

Gaining Strength Through Art

Moving from Puerto Rico to California manifested a sense (and a painting) of Resilience for this inspiring woman. Bonus: Includes a figurative art step-by-step lesson.
Figurative Art Convention studio session

Masters of Figurative Art Gather to Teach

Enjoy a visual recap of the Figurative Art Convention & Expo, including portrait painting demonstrations and figurative art presentations, featuring Dan Thompson, Teresa Oaxaca, Casey Baugh, Daniel Greene and Wende Caporale, and so many more of your favorite artists working today.

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