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Portrait Drawing Advice - RealismToday.com

Watch: Expert Portrait Drawing Tip

In this four-minute video, artist Joshua LaRock shares some of his advice for drawing portraits with a model.
Imaginative Realism - Mark Heine - RealismToday.com

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Mark Heine

Meet Mark Heine, an artist, an author, and this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador.
Figure drawing by Daniel Maidman - RealismToday.com

Four Days of Painting Growth: A Figurative Art Event

This November, you can study under the world’s top master artists and change your painting skills forever.
Classical painting - Daniel Graves - RealismToday.com

Daniel Graves: Making the Past Present

Some artists can be admired and understood almost entirely through their work, with scant reference to their training or worldview ... Discover what the classical tradition means to master artist Daniel Graves, including the question he continually asks himself while painting.
Classical art of Jacob Collins - RealismToday.com

Classical Art: A Realist Who Thinks Ahead

Jacob Collins desires nothing less than to revive a classical art culture in our time. See why he’s “going back to find the larger organizational principles of art.”
Imaginative realism - Tiffany Dae - RealismToday.com

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Tiffany Dae

Meet Tiffany Dae, this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador! Dae is an imaginative realist painter born in Hawaii to migrant parents from Cuba and India.
Step-by-Step Portrait Drawing: The Power of Line and Light

Step-by-Step Portrait Drawing: The Power of Line and Light

One line, narrowing from thick to thin, can control the weight, movement, and emotion within a composition. See how in this step-by-step portrait drawing demonstration from Jeremy Caniglia.
Contemporary realism - Daniel Sprick - RealismToday.com

Striving for Truth and Beauty in Art

“Artists must be patient and be true to themselves and trust their own tastes and their own habits of working and living,” says Daniel Sprick, “and be true to their own aesthetic preferences.”
Art inspiration - contemporary artist Giovanni Pulze

Giovanni Pulze: How Darkness Led to Light

“If I did manage to recover and had another chance, I would spend the rest of my life creating these paintings as a way to explain the miracles present in the world.”
How to Draw - Drawing Advice - RealismToday.com

Art Students: Look for the Obvious, Yet Seldom Mentioned

If your drawing style falls within the category sometimes known as “Art Class Awkwardism,” you’ll want to see what this teacher has to say.

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