Colored pencil art - classical realism still life
Paco Martin, "Mandarins and Paper," colored pencils on Caballo 109 paper, 32 x 26 cm "I learned painting by studying classical still lifes," says Paco. "This piece reminds me of the classical artists."

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Paco Martín has been passionate about colored pencils since the time he was in Elementary School in Madrid, Spain.

When he was in College, Paco realized that all the self-taught techniques that he had acquired that far were not enough. He needed formal training and guidance, and he found it through the lessons of Sarita Muñiz. He learned how to paint with oils and he was captivated by pastels. The new learning also helped him to still improve with colored pencils, and Paco realized that colored pencils were his favorite technique. However, he felt that there was a long way ahead of him in order to become the best version of himself as an artist.

Over the years he has incessantly explored pastels and colored pencils, striving to perfect his technique, experimenting, trying out different brands of pencils and paper, and facing bigger artistic challenges every time. He attended pastel courses with important Spanish artists such as Aurelio Rodríguez, Rubén Belloso, and Enrique Donoso. Through these masters he learned a lot of valuable techniques that he was able to apply with colored pencils. When he felt he was ready, Paco decided to devote himself exclusively to colored pencils.

Colored pencil art - classical realism still life
Paco Martin, “Tangerine Reflections,” colored pencils on Caballo 109 paper, 27 x 42 cm

Little by little, he realized that he could reach as much realism as he wanted using colored pencils. At the same time, the technique allowed him to communicate the strongest emotions. Colored pencils became his language as an artist. His work became meticulous, even obsessive, carefully observing the world around. He experimented with shapes, volumes, textures, and composition, trying to recreate the harmonious beauty of small objects of everyday life, which are a form of art for him. With his strong background in Mathematics, he has found a connection over the years between the two beauties of Math and Painting, and he likes to incorporate aesthetically pleasing geometric shapes, designs, or golden sections.

Colored pencil realism art
Paco Martin, “The Dance of the Leaves,” colored pencils on Caballo 109 paper, 29.5 x 39.5 cm

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