Sheri Farabaugh, "Sweet Kajari," oil on hardboard, 12 x 12 in; OPA
Sheri Farabaugh, "Sweet Kajari," oil on hardboard, 12 x 12 in; OPA

“I began painting after careers in tax accounting and biochemistry; just about as far from art as you can get,” says Sheri Farabaugh. “But a love of drawing and painting as a child and teen stayed with me until time permitted, and from the moment I took my first class as an early retiree, I was forever committed to being the best artist I could be.

“It is a bit of magic that with nothing but a squeeze of paint and some good brushes, you can tell a story. The hope of pulling that off every now and then is what brings me to my studio almost every day. Finding beauty in the details has led me to a realistic style, and I am drawn to bold values and intricate patterns.

“I paint many subjects, but a fascination with the reflections and patterns of moving water led me to paint rivers, lakes, ponds, and puddles of the West and Midwest.”

Sheri Farabaugh‘s paintings have received many awards and recognition, and have been juried into numerous local and national exhibitions. She has studied with Mark Daily, Kevin Wechback, Kim English, Doug Dawson, and Michelle Torrez among others.

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