Richard Schmid artist
Richard Schmid in his New Hampshire studio with his plein air study (left) and the start of Abbotsford House. Photo: Nancy Guzik (Fine Art Connoisseur, September / October 2012)

The art community is feeling a great loss, as we’ve learned about the recent passing of artist, author, teacher, and speaker Richard Schmid.

Throughout his career, which saw more than 50 one-man shows, Richard promoted art education through his books, articles, workshops, seminars, and television presentations. He traveled widely for his subjects, and lived in New Hampshire with his wife, the painter Nancy Guzik. Richard held a Doctorate in Fine Art and was a recipient of The John Singer Sargent Medal for Lifetime Achievement.

“Each one of us is here to make this world a better place through our art,” said Nancy. “What you create is important and who you are is to be treasured, and that together we can fill this world with beauty and make it a better place for all.”

Richard Schmid watercolor painting
Richard Schmid, “Vendor with Fruit Cart,” c. 1974-1975, watercolor on paper, 9 x 12 in.

Nancy and the family will be sharing a longer statement at a future date.

If you would like to send Nancy or the family a card you can do so care of:
Village Arts of Putney
114 Westminster Rd
Putney, Vermont 05346

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  1. Wow, you would think there would be something in the news. Oh well thank you for the write up. I’ve heard of him but am not very familiar with his work. Condolences to wife and family.

    • Please refer to his books, Alla Prima, Alla Prima II and The Companion. If I were an art teacher in academia, I’d have The Companion as my textbook for all four years of high school! Do look him up, you’ll be glad you did. We considered him as our living Master, now he has joined the others.

    • Our Master now painting the house of God his Creator …his art has marked our lives: Eternal Gratitude
      Condolences to wife and family

  2. I am profoundly sad at this news but so very grateful for his legacy. I met him at weekend with the masters in Dana Point many years ago. He was graciousness and kindness and goodness. And he signed my copy of “Alla Prima” with delight. It is hard to overstate his impact on us artists. He was THE Artist’s artist—like Sargent and Velasquez before him. Rest In Peace Richard and thank you.

  3. So saddened to hear of his passing. Since first seeing his artwork many years ago, Richard Schmid has been on my list of top favorite artists. I’ve purchased his books and DVDs and think his techniques were amazing although he made it appear easy. The art world has an empty spot now with his passing and I feel sad for his wife Nancy and all the rest of his close family and friends. He was a giant of a man in both talent and character and no one can ever take his place.

  4. I am devastated. He was everything I ever aspired to be as an artist. In my opinion he was the greatest living artist, and among the greatest to have ever lived.
    I am so glad I have his books and can continue learning from him. I am only four years younger than him.

  5. When I first saw the post I was puzzled because in my mind he was bigger then life, Superman of the art world and bulletproof. It saddens me beyond reason for his family, his friends, his followers and for future generations of artist though his paintings, books and teaching will live on forever.

  6. It’s sad to hear of the passing of the great. He is, and will always be, my favorite painter and teacher. When I started reading Alla Prima I found it hard to put it down because of the style of writing that was like a magnet. I really wish you will be reborn in this world.

  7. His legacy and art will live on. My late brother Curt Hanson introduced me to Richard and what a special person and great artist he was. Curt admired him as an amazing painter, truly one of the greats may he rest in piece. Prayers go out to his wife and family🙏 Kay Hanson Sneva

  8. soy de Argentina, mi meta era poder conocerlo en mi próximo viaje a los EEUU, hoy me entero de su partida, justo hace dos días mande a comprar videos de él, que decir… conocí su obra hace un año, y decidí cambiar del Hiperrealismo al Impresionismo gracias a él, lo tengo como el mejor, y en lo futuro estará en mi su legado, es Mi Inspiración, entre otros grandes, siempre lo será, sin dudas lamento profundamente no haberlo conocido en persona, sin embargo igual envío un abrazo para el con un Gracias gigante!!!

  9. Sad news. Richard was a modern master. I am fortunate to have two beautiful prints of his paintings and two books. One print was purchased years ago when he brought artwork from Cape Ann artists to the Butler in Youngstown, OH for a benefit for the hospital ship Hope. He was a dedicated artist and compassionate person. Condolences to his wife and family.

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