Contemporary realism -
Andrew Kinsman, "Make a wish," oil on canvas, 100x70cm

When contemporary realism artist and musician Andrew Kinsman found himself on lockdown in Italy earlier this year, he chose to focus on a painting subject that has been a lifetime fascination of his…

Andrew Kinsman on the Contemporary Realism Painting “Make a Wish”

I came to Italy to be with my girlfriend and collect some potential reference for painting in December in 2019 and intended to stay a few months, then of course the virus happened, followed by the lockdown, in Italy before any other country apart from China. “Make a Wish” (shown above) reflects my mood then, the uncertainty of what would happen and when I’d be able to see my family and friends again in the UK. Even though I was surrounded by the beautiful hills of Tuscany we really weren’t allowed out without written permission.

Contemporary realism -
Andrew Kinsman, “Lola,” 200x150cm

I’ve been fascinated by bubbles all my life and they’ve played a key role in my paintings for the last 15 years. They add fantasy and yet they are real and with just one measured breath we can all create these fragile and transient shapes. I love this simple idea; one person blowing a bubble acts as a leveler, one breath in one place at one moment frozen in time.

I’m still in Italy (as of 2020) and now able to carry this project around this beautiful country; it’s kind of my “Grand Tour.”

Figurative Art -
Andrew Kinsman, “After the dance,” Oil on canvas, 100x65cm
Contemporary realism -
Andrew Kinsman, “Cafe de Paris,” Oil on canvas, 150x100cm
Contemporary realism -
Andrew Kinsman, “Take Five,” (portrait of Elisabeth Moss), Oil on canvas, 100x80cm
Contemporary realism -
Andrew Kinsman, “Pere Lachaise,” Oil on canvas, 80x60cm
Contemporary realism portrait drawings
Andrew Kinsman, “The Handyman Can,” oil on canvas, 80 x 60cm

Andrew Kinsman started painting in oils at age eleven and sold his first artwork at age thirteen. In his late teens he went on to study illustration and graphic design but longed to return to portrait and figurative painting. He went on to exhibit his works in many group shows and art fairs around the country as well as taking on commissions.

In his mid-twenties, Andrew discovered jazz and took up the saxophone, piano and flute and spent his spare time practicing until he was proficient enough to play on the jazz and blues circuit. He later started to do some minor recording sessions which developed over time into album recordings and tours for such artists as Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, The Specials, Gruff Rhys, and Mica Paris.

The music ran alongside Andrew’s painting commissions, and in 2012 he was commissioned by Royal Mail to complete a series of 11 stamps of famous football players. This led to interest from many galleries, including The Halcyon Gallery, where he showed several works and took commissions from some of their Saudi clients as well as notable actors, musicians, and politicians.

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