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Painting palette colors

Art Supplies: Colors That Play Well Together

In this guest blog post, Carolyn Anderson takes us behind the scenes and answers a common question: What's on your palette? Also learn what type of brush she uses almost exclusively, and the surfaces she recommends.
Painting shadows in art - Carolyn Anderson - RealismToday.com

Does Warmer Light Have Cooler Shadows?

When it comes to painting shadows, Carolyn Anderson explains that color is relative. Keep reading to learn more about the concept of warmer and cooler light before you start on your next painting.
Portrait painting of a woman - Kevin Beilfuss, "Aiya," 16 x 12 in.

Figurative Art, Fireflies, and the Art of Design

When approaching a painting, this concept of fireflies can help the artist understand how one’s eye is naturally led around a subject.
contemporary realism painting - Carolyn Anderson, "Backstage Dancer," 18 x 14 in.

The Problem with the Real in Realism

Those of us who choose realism in painting walk a fine line between accepted symbolism and personal vision. It helps to understand the limitations of how we perceive and interpret the world around us.
C.W. Mundy, "Portrait of Anne," 2006, oil on linen, 36 x 24 in.

C.W. Mundy on the Authorship of Painting

Artists, art aficionados, and art collectors could greatly benefit from an understanding of the technical aspects of painting—what I call ...
Figurative art how-to

Do Your Paintings Look Stiff?

If your paintings look stiff, if your figures don’t turn, and objects appear flat and look like paper cut-outs, then perhaps you need to do this...
Figurative Art Convention studio session

Masters of Figurative Art Gather to Teach

Enjoy a visual recap of the Figurative Art Convention & Expo, including portrait painting demonstrations and figurative art presentations, featuring Dan Thompson, Teresa Oaxaca, Casey Baugh, Daniel Greene and Wende Caporale, and so many more of your favorite artists working today.
Figure drawing by Daniel Maidman - RealismToday.com

Four Days of Painting Growth: A Figurative Art Event

This November, you can study under the world’s top master artists and change your painting skills forever.

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