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Moving from Puerto Rico to California manifested a sense (and a painting) of Resilience for this inspiring woman. Bonus: Includes a figurative art step-by-step lesson.
“Through the process of painting we have the potential to peel back the layers of simulacra and reveal a deeper truth…”
Oil painter Stuart Dunkel shares his breakthrough moment in art, his process, his palette, and a step-by-step still life painting demonstration.
“The point is to connect the human story, as represented by a model, with the spirit of Nature.” Watercolor artist Jeff Mathison explains why he paints the figure en plein air.
When portrait painter Diane Russell won a scholarship to the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE), we invited her to join us in a Q&A about her art, her challenges, and her experience at FACE. Read more to be inspired.
A Rare Glimpse Into 600 Years of Classical Painting Techniques (A note from Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine)
Check out these #artistsoninstagram that you’ll want to follow for a daily dose of art inspiration from the world of contemporary realism.
Today we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the figurative works of contemporary artist Rose Frantzen, including her trompe l'oeil paintings.
In this full-length article, Nancy Tankersley explains the pros and cons of painting from photos. Bonus: Includes reference photos and the finished paintings.
Congratulations to Nikita Budkov, whose work was recently recognized in the bi-monthly PleinAir Salon. Learn more about the art competition here!

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