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Save the date so you can learn from the one and only Mary Whyte, and get expert advice on how to get the most out of an art event.
Using bold color with a limited palette is a simple tool to add to your composition arsenal. Here’s how.
Contemporary realist James Earley shares why he chooses this particular subject, how he ultimately produces a painting, and the message he wants to get across in his art.
Jennifer Balkan shares little-known ways to a lifetime of portraits you can be proud of.
In this guest blog post, American artist William Nathans, who now lives in Ireland, takes us behind the scenes of his process for painting portraits.
The mortal men and women in Sabin Howard’s World War I memorial are convincingly alive. Learn more about the 65-foot-long bronze relief here.
Why acrylic is the medium of choice for this artist, despite the tradition of oil.
After producing several art magazines, newsletters, and art conferences and judging competitions for almost 15 years, Eric Rhoads is seeing a pattern in successful artists.
With dogged determination and a clear path, we can bring the pursuit of mastery into reality in the tradition of the Old Masters.
Learn the best way to light your art studio for painting, including choosing the best wall color, and more.

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